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The information you are about to review may possibly prevent you from making a mistake while shopping for cremation services.

Allen & Shaw Cremations has put together some important questions to ask "Cremation Service Providers" while you are shopping for the best possible service at the most affordable prices.

As a cremation service provider we strongly feel that this service can be provided with integrity, sincerity and quality, without taking advantage of the family during an already difficult time.

1) How long has the company offering this service been in business?

This is important, simply because the provider may have a reputation established, therefore, they will have references available if requested. If they are reluctant in any way to provide references, you may want to pass on this operation!

1a) Do they allow inspection of the facilities where they will be performing the cremation and storage of your loved one?

If not, why? Our facility is open for family inspection, we are proud of our facility and gladly demonstrate its capabilities.

2) How much experience and what are the qualifications of the person representing the company?

Many people will present themselves as a funeral professional, so don't hesitate to ask to see their qualifications.

3) Does the company offering this service have a clean record with the Department of Professional and Business Regulations? Click on to find out.

4) Does the company offering the services, do their own removals (transportation of your loved one) and cremations on their premises? Who provides the refrigerated storage prior to cremation and where?

Many "Cremation Service Providers" contract with companies to do the removal and cremation, thus acting as a middle man, literally outsourcing each detail that is associated with the cremation service. This greatly increses the possibility of error, Remember the Cremation facilty in Noble, Georgia?

Allen & Shaw, provides for the transportation, the storage and the cremation by our staff. The vehicles are ours, the refrigeration units are ours, as well as the three cremation chambers.

5) Does the company offering this service have one fee that is offered and another once you contact them for prices?

Many of these companies rely on the "old bait and switch" scam. They will advertise a low price for the direct cremation and then stack on additional charges once you get in their office. The fee they usually advertise is for the cremation only.
Ask if the fee includes the removal, cremation, cremation container, medical examiners fee, filing of death certificates and temporary container once the cremation has been completed.

We are not trying to make this time any more difficult than it already is, however, we want you to make your decisions, on good sound information. Ask questions, demand answers that are clear and concise. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED! These facilities need your business, make them earn it by being truthful and considerate.

Thank you

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